Stephen Folker

Stephen started his journey in the world of movie making in December of 2010, when he shot his first short film 'The Mustache Movie.' An over the top, zany, quirky comedy that follows the story of a man who learns of his inherited mustache powers following the death of his mother. Creating that film, re-ignited a fire from his childhood when he used to make short films for a local Public Access Channel.

Following the success of 'The Mustache Movie', Stephen went on to write and direct two more short films and the web-series 'Castle Siege' which won 'Best Iowa Film' at the Snake Alley Festival of Film and secured distribution with several Web TV Networks.

Then, this past August, Stephen put his writing cap back on and wrote To Survive, a feature length, post apocalyptic thriller following a group of survivors after the collapse of society. Right now, To Survive is in the final stages of post-production and the early stages of distribution.

And in typical Stephen Folker style, he is staying busy by working on his next script.